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    Stainless steel corrugated hose is an industrial metal material with flexibility and good temperature and pressure resistance. Classified by use: mainly includes metal bellows, bellows expansion joints, corrugated heat exchange tubes, diaphragm bellows, etc.

   Stainless steel corrugated hose parameters

   Material SUS304/316L, thickness 0.2-1.5mm, size DN15-4000mm.

    Stainless steel bellows features:

    1. Good construction: stainless steel corrugated hose is a thin-walled hose, the overall weight is reduced, greatly reducing the load of construction work and construction time.

    2. Corrosion resistance: The main body of the bellows is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. Both ends are made of stainless steel joints or carbon steel joints, which have good corrosion resistance. Sealing is ensured.

    3. High pressure resistance: Considering the actual working pressure of the bellows, the use environment and the use condition, all the parameters have been carefully calculated and tested repeatedly to ensure the pressure safety in the work.

Stainless steel bellows

    4. Many types: existing bellows diameter range: DN8-DN4000, other customized according to customer requirements.

    5. Anti-vibration and anti-dislocation: Stainless steel corrugated hose has good flexibility and compensation displacement.

    6. Beautiful appearance: the appearance is clear, and the permanent light is as new.

   The metal bellows is processed by wave-shaped thin-walled stainless steel welded pipe, which is flexible and has good temperature and pressure resistance. It is suitable for the transportation of various industrial gases such as air and steam, as well as various fluid media such as water, oil and medicine. It plays an important role in the reciprocating motion of the pipe system, the absorption of thermal expansion, the absorption of vibration, and the adjustment of the center of the piping.


Stainless steel bellows
Stainless steel bellows
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